Cuza Business Simulation Game 2022


CORP Institute will organize a hackathon style event on 29-30th October with a business simulation component based on an American business simulation software. The event will be organized to promote entrepreneurship, management skills and the digital solutions for business education.

„The new generations are more open to new ways to conduct business education. 2022 is a good year for innovations and new initiatives in our university. Cuza Business Simulation Game event will be a game changer in the way business is teaches in our campus.” says Marius Alexa, project manager.

The event will be focus on training of students in running a company in a simulated environment.
The software used is called CAPSIM and it is an international solution developed by a Chicago based company and is widely used for 40 years ago by hundreds of companies and universities worldwide.

The project aims to:

  • Train students in management using an online environment, encouraging them to initiate innovative startups in various classical industries and other creative industries.
  • Gather together and facilitate collaboration between the students, professors and other stakeholders;
  • Discover and promote new business models;
  • Promote entrepreneurial know how and good practice;
  • Network entrepreneurs-students-professors, actors from academia and local community;
  • Discover new methods for business planning, business innovation, business strategies, project management, digital security;
  • Offer professional guidance to students in order to start their own companies.

For the event funding was obtained from Junior Achievement Romania (JAR) and the Romanian American Foundation within the COMPETITION OF MINI-GRANTS FOR ENTREPRENEURIAL PROJECTS IN UNIVERSITIES – THE ENTREPRENEURIAL UNIVERSITY PROGRAM.

Details of the event will be available soon.


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